Friday, March 25, 2011


Welcome to the Jafa House! This Jesus loving wife and mother of two hopes that this blog will offer some encouragement to those who enter. So, please come in and have a look around. Durning your time here may you find faith, hope and above all LOVE! Stay as long as you like and feel free to share your thoughts. There maybe an occasional cobweb and please don't write in the dust =)...but know that you are always welcome!
Thank you for stopping by....have a beautiful day!
God Bless!


Chris said...

hello new blog.

Angela said...

Hi Jen!

For some reason, I havn't been able to visit your old blog but I clicked on it to try anyway and look what happened! It must have been devine intervention, because I was able to view your old blog and your new blog too! I'll be back!