Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chore Charts

Here in the Jafa House we have gone through a number of different chore & behavior charts. Usually after a few weeks the excitement of it all dies down or I fail to stay on top of it. However a few months ago I came across Accountable Kids. Here is a video that explains it much better then I can:
Now I didn't run out and buy the whole kit. I did (mostly out of laziness) buy the chore cards (you could easily make these). Then for only a few dollars I found peg boards at Hobby Lobby. So for less then what one kit cost I was able to make two...woohoo!
The kids were very excited about their new charts and eager to get going. The first 10 days went well and they earned their first mommy/daddy "date". We did help remind them about their chores but now the real challenge starts. This is the week that they need to do it alone. Today went pretty we are off to a good start.

Things that I really like about this system are:
1. It is set up for them to take responsibility for the things they already know they should be doing like getting dress, brushing teeth, making bed, pick toys, etc. I don't have to constantly remind them. They just look at the chart and know what comes next.  
2. The kids learn that there are things we do just because we are part of a family and NOT to get paid.
3. This chart grows with the kids. As they get older some of those paid chores can be moved over to the everyday...of course there is always room for more paid chores as well. Which also teaching them that with age comes more responsibilities.
4. It also gives them a sense of accomplishment with each task and builds their confidence...that YES they can do it all by themselves!

Hopefully you found this post helpful. If you'd like to learn more about Accountable Kids you can visit their website here:

Thank you for stopping by....Have a lovely day! God Bless!


Chris said...

will this work for angry teenagers? my boys have def lost sight of what's required of them to live in a family....they want paid for everything so we stopped allowance all together. they stopped working-we stopped paying. maybe it might drive brock to get a job. but i'm not holding my breath. i'm not liking being a parent right now. i miss how cute/happy they were in their diapers and a onesie.

i do love your chore charts and i hope this works for your little family!! i love the way you decorated the boards, very, very cute!!

Banu said...

Jen, these chore charts look way too cute. I am so glad the kids are enjoying it as well.

Angela said... question is...are you taking orders for custom made boards? I am not very crafty and you definitely have some amazing talent in this area!

Sara Paschal said...

I am with Chris, I need a ref shirt and whistle right now. AACK!! I have been told to leave them alone unless they are truly hurting each other:( I hope they wise up soon.

Going to make one for Jessica she will benefit this summer to keep a structure to her day;)

The charts you made are very very nice. You kids are going to cherish them (when they are older;)


Anonymous said...

I love this kids however would never do the tasks and then say "i don't care" when there's no priveleges...I didn't see on the site how undone chores are handled. my kids would be happy with earning things for stuff they like to do, and then I can see stuff like "make bed" never being done...Hmmm...must brainstorm on this some more! Thanks for the post!