Thursday, July 21, 2011

This week....Cruel Summer

"Hot summer streets and the pavements are burning...I sit around...
Trying to smile but the air is so heavy and dry (more like sticky and yuck!)....It's a cruel...cruel...cruel summer..."
-Bananarama (Cruel Summer)
Here is what we've been doing to stay out of the hot, needs to we've been having.
 Making mazes for Leo the amazing hamster!
Um..yeah, I don't think Houdini. Get back inside those walls!
 Growing snow...too bad it's not the real stuff!
 Enjoying tomatoes straight from our veggie garden...yum!
The old Slip-n-slide!

Other heatwave breakers...a trip to the pool...$1 movie...making ice cream in a bag...splashing in the creek....watching Scooby Doo...playing Hyper Dash....and annoying our sister or brother...or mother...watching the plumber saw open the pipe....a week later watching the plumber install a new water heater....poking our sister....yelling "Moooom!!!!" a few dozen times before realizing I'm not answering to that anymore....reading...writing...crafts...enjoying being home....realizing the Back to School signs are up in the stores (I think that had the kids a little concerned at Target today...hahaha).
So, how are you all spending your summer?
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God Bless!


Chris said...

well, you know what i think of it's way too hot for me. we are just hanging out waiting for fall...>"< cut epics of the kids! so glad they are enjoying leo, he is adorable!! i'm not showing quinn the lego maze...scott does not want a hamster in the any allergic reactions from abe?

Amy said...

Glad you all are having a great summer! Leo sure is cute. I took the kids to the waterpark on Wed. with a couple of their friends, then out for frozen yogurt. Today I am taking Matt and 3 of his friends to see HP on IMAX in 3D! Can't wait!

Sara Paschal said...

We have been hanging out by the pool to keep cool;)

Love your pics Jen;)

Life with Kaishon said...

Ha Ha HA about the signs at Target. My kids saw a commercial about Kmart's back to school shopping and they were like, 'Is that a mistake?' Poor babies. Why oh why does it come so quickly : (
LOVE your pictures!