Thursday, July 14, 2011

This week...The Scout & the Gymnast

This week both the kids had separate camps. Abraham was at Cub Scout camp. He came home yesterday with a fever and sore throat. Hopefully he'll be well enough to finish off tomorrows half day. Abigail is giving gymnastics a go. She is really enjoying her day camp at Wilson Gymnastics and I believe we will be signing her up in the fall.

The Scout
Abraham is really enjoys being a scout. Camp was something he's been excited about for months. The thing he looked forward to the most was learning how to shoot a BB gun.
I was so glad that he was able to do this before he got sick. He would have been one bummed camper.
They gave the boys each five shots. Abraham managed to hit the target twice. One being a bulls eye that he was very proud of!

The Gymnast
I don't have many pictures of Abbey at gymnastics camp because they don't like too many people hanging out in the gym for safety reasons. And for any of you that know me I would be the one injured...probably by my own doing.
Not the greatest photos but you can see her just beaming! She has been waiting to give gymnastics a try all year. Her face just lights up when she gets in the gym. There is no fear in that girl when it comes to trying new things. Just glad she takes after her hopefully there won't be any broken bones.

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!
God Bless!


Sara Paschal said...

Oh such fun, the both look so blissful;)

Love your pics Jen.

Hope Abe is better, I had the same stuff this week and it wanted to hang around:(

Amy said...

So thrilled that Abe is enjoying Scouts--it really is an awesome organization! Matt is at Camp Alexander in CO right now--he and Brad will be back on Sat. nite. Emily has also started taking gymnastics again. Glad Abbey is enjoying it--she looks adorable in her leotard!

Chris said...

what wonderful photos of your little ones!! they are so cute! so glad they each had a great time at their camps!! (i miss camps)