Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School 2011

Today the kids started another school year. It's hard to believe that I have a 1st and 2nd grader already! They were both full of nervous excitement this morning. I pray their day goes well and I can't wait to hear about there first day adventures!

Now that the kids are in school I plan to be a more regular blogger. For today however I'm going to spend it clearing clutter out of my kitchen cupboards...anyone wanna help?

Hope you all have a beautiful day!
God Bless!


lifewith4walls said...

I hope they have a wonderful day!! I'll help you with your cupboards if you help me with mine. But, I can guarantee you, you'll get the short-end of that deal! haha Mine are so cluttered right now!

lifewith4walls said...

...oh and I love the pictures of the kiddos! They are so stinkin' cute!

Sara Paschal said...

Have a great day Jen;) I organized some stuff also when school started. I am sure your kiddos are going to have an awesome day;). I have taught Jessica this prayer for the am..thank you Lord for this new day please come along with me on my adventure today. Bless my Dad and Mom, sisters too. Help me to be a good girl, amen;)

Amy said...

They look so cute and ready to learn! Enjoy your peace and quiet!

Chris said...

what great photos for their first day!! i'm so dam jealous, mine still have another week. lol enjoy your peace and quiet but do something more fun than deserve it!