Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fresh Pine Tree

On Sunday we went to find this years (Christ)mas tree. I jokingly...okay maybe no so jokingly told my family as long as I live it'll be a fresh tree or no tree. There is nothing like the smell of fresh pine tree. Our home smells so wonderful right now.

So I thought it appropriate to share some (Christ)mas tree inspired randomness....

I copied this from an idea I saw on the cover of Paper Crafters Holiday Card magazine.

We can't forget poor Charlie Brown...

I've finally finished puttering around the house with decorating. We've also go the tree up, lit, and full of ornaments...each with a special memory.
Now it's time for baking, wrapping and a little sewing.
Hope you all are enjoying this (Christ)mas season.
So glad you could stop by today!
May your day be filled with many blessings!


Chris said...

sorry, we have a fake tree here. lol but it's a nice one. i had a cat that climbed real trees + a hubs that sometimes left for sea b4 christmas and we would put it up weeks early so he could be here with the boys to fake for me. but i love your snaps and that thread-bobbin tree is too die for. i must copy that idea...cuz i don't buy PC anymore...>"<

Sara Paschal said...

Beautiful, growing up our Mom did the same thing with a live tree. We have a box tree, can't put it up this year our house is small and I still need lots of room to get around;)

aquariann said...

I used to make my parents get real trees - I had no idea how much trouble they were! So now I have a fake one, but I do miss the smell. Air fresheners just don't compare.