Friday, December 16, 2011

Holly Wreath

I was given a little pin that had a holly wreath wrapped around a cross. It was attached to a little marker that read....

The Holly Wreath
The holly wreath symbolizes the crown of thorns worn by Jesus at Calvary.
Its red berries represent the blood He shed for the forgiveness of our sins.
The endless circle is eternal life obtained through Him.

That little pin inspired me to create a larger version to give out as gifts this (Christ)mas.
I thought it was a beautiful reminder of why we celebrate (Christ)mas. Many years ago God sent his precious & only Son as a little baby. That baby would grow up to be the Saviour of this world!

God Bless you all the (Christ)mas season!


Sara Paschal said...

Jen, this is beautiful. What a great idea for you to make a larger version. You used my fave Christmas paper that holly is darling.

Chris said...

this is just beautiful! i love that you are keeping christmas the way it was meant to be!!

Amy said...

This is gorgeous! I love this idea.

Susan Farrell-Jones said...

Beautiful! You have such awesome ideas!