Friday, April 27, 2012

So Proud!

Abbey entered the LetterKenny Army Depot Earth Day poster contest. She won 3rd place...which was a $50 Visa Gift Card! We are so proud of her!
Abbey did her poster on the dangers of plastic bags to sea turtles.

 The poster reads: Each year thousands of sea turtles choke on plastic bags. They think they are jellyfish. Jelly fish are thier favorite food.
Please recycle your plastic bags!
Thank you for stopping by the JafaHouse to share in this special moment with our little girl!
Have a beautiful day and God Bless!


Chris said...

FREAKING AWESOME!!!! yay abbey!!! your poster is so cool!! and i totally recycle my plastic bags!!! i love the sea turtles!!

Sara Tieszen Paschal said...

I try to comment from my phone and they never stick. So if you get this multiple times...

way to go Abbey, I love your drawing;)

Christina said...

I REALLY don't like those bags! We do recycle them here at the Hearth Room, too. One of my secret uses for them is to stuff some of my crocheted items like Easter eggs or balls. Awesome poster!