Monday, August 26, 2013

Back To School

It's back to school day in the JafaHouse and I'm back to blogging (at least for!
I asked the kids if there was anything they were excited or nervous about. Abbey is loving that she has a teacher that is new to the school. We met her at back to school night and Mrs. F seems like a fun teacher with lots of energy! Abe is worried he will forget what classroom to go to. This will be his fifth year at that school. So, I just had to roll my eyes at that one. He is so like his mother...poor kid! Whatever their day brings I will be praying for them & finding comfort in knowing they are in the Lord's hands.
My summer has not been filled with much craftiness but I did manage to whip out a few quick teacher and bus driver gifts over the weekend. Okay, I made cute tags for the gift but still....
 I found both these ideas on Pinerest... Here & here.
For the lettering I used stickers. The apple is from Cricut Preserves cartridge and the bus is from their Autumn Celebrations.
And a back to school post would not be complete without the coveted first day picture. Oh how they make their mama proud!
Okay this is a little better...
Hope you all have a beautifully blessed day!


Amy said...

Hooray! I didn't know you had a Cricut! These are both so cute and I'm sure the teachers and bus driver appreciated it. And Abe and Abbey are so adorable! I can't believe how big they have gotten. I still think of Abbey as basically a toddler.

Chris said...

these tags are very cute! what a great idea for the first day! love the pics of the kids, they are too cute!! love the silly one the best!

yay to blogging if only for today!! i still don't want to do it! lolol